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They’re the best!
We could not have been happier with our choice to have the Lisa Rene Band play at our wedding reception. Throughout our wedding planning process, Lisa was incredibly professional and on top of things and even eased all my worries regarding space. Most importantly, each time I spoke with her, she seemed genuinely excited to be playing at our wedding. They truly exceeded our expectations at the wedding reception. The band sounded fabulous and played songs that had everyone from my 10 year old ring bearer to my 82 year old grandparents on the dance floor the entire night. We loved working with the Lisa Rene Band and highly, highly recommend them to anyone planning a wedding!!

— Jen B. W.

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Lisa surpassed every expectation that I had! She was an absolute pleasure to work with and was never anything but friendly, accommodating, and completely committed to having the wedding day go as smoothly- and be as much fun- as possible! I appreciated her proactive approach to seeking me out to insure we had the proper song lists, plans, and expectations in place far in advance for the wedding so that everything ran smoothly. We picked out songs from their very inclusive song list that we really wanted to hear during the night. Lisa was always available for questions and was willing to work with me to make that day special. My husband and I wanted our first dance to be The Way You Look Tonight (Frank Sinatra) but that song was not on their songlist. I didn’t want to dance to a CD and Lisa offered to learn it for us- wow! 🙂 She offered to do announcements at the wedding and “MC” the toasts etc. which was wonderful. It was so nice to not have one more thing to coordinate! 🙂

Lisa did a wonderful job coordinating the wedding party announcement and announcing the various toasts. She got my whole bridal party in line to come into the reception and was nothing but friendly and joking around as she got us all organized (of course an easy task!) 🙂 They played background “dinner” type music after the toasts during dinner which was nice to have. After dinner….the party STARTED! 🙂 The band was upbeat, fun, energetic, and ROCKED the party! 🙂 The songs that they played worked wonderfully with my college friends, younger cousins, aunts/uncles, neighbors, and grandparents! Lisa came out onto the dance floor occasionally and “worked” the crowd and kept the enthusiasm, dancing, and fun alive! They played the songs that we had highlighted before hand that we wanted to hear- as well as throwing in others that worked perfectly into the flow of the evening. Everyone was having so much fun that we used the option the band has to extend the time they played for another 30min- which was COMPLETELY worth it! 🙂 You only get married once and the party was going until the very end! 🙂 I truly received so many unsolicited compliments and comments on how much fun our reception was and I credit that to the mood set by the band. My husband and I are in that “wedding” phase of life where everyone we know is getting married. In my opinion, having a fantastic band/music is so important to a great party and I have not seen anyone be able to get a party going like the Lisa Rene Band. That is why my sister had them at her wedding and some of my friends that heard them at our wedding go out to hear them when they play downtown Chicago. I would recommend the Lisa Rene Band to make your reception memorable to anyone anytime!

– Helen & Phil Driskell

Lisa was very easy to work with in getting things set in a timely manner before the wedding to have one less thing to worry about as the day approaches. The Lisa Rene Band did a FANTASTIC job at the wedding. They played various styles of music to keep the guests on the dance floor and not sitting at their tables looking bored! Lisa Rene is by far the best band I’ve heard at a wedding in a very long time. I was VERY pleased with their performance at mine and I strongly recommend them to anyone looking for live music instead of a DJ.

I would be happy to provide a reference for you to future wedding clients!

– Cindy & Geno Spriesch

We can’t thank you enough for your generous gift of your talent! Everyone absolutely loved the band! We had so much fun dancing the night away! You made is such a special occasion for us! We love you guys!

– Tracy &Tom Palenik

We can’t even begin to tell you how absolutely wonderful our wedding day was thanks to you! Lisa, you made everything so easy for us and you did an amazing job of pulling everything together. It was a perfect evening thanks to your amazing voices and your wonderful band. “From This Moment On” was a beautiful first song. Shania couldn’t have done a better job!. Thanks so much for everything!!!

– Dan & Stacie Kozlowski

Lisa was great to work with. She provided a list of current songs listed by genre with the artist’s names and offered to learn new or special request songs. I even re-wrote lyrics for a couple of songs and Lisa worked these “special” songs appropriately into the evening. We liked so many songs off of the list, we prioritized the ones we wanted to hear the most. We had so much fun and enjoyed them so much, I could not remember which ones we selected and which ones Lisa selected, they all blended wonderfully together.

We were extremely impressed with the Lisa Rene Band’s ability to flex to their audience. We first saw the band in a night club and heard how they catered to the age, audience type and overall venue. When they played at my first daughter’s wedding they were simply fantastic. They appealed to all ages, responded to requests, were extremely engaging with the wedding party and our guests, and made an already awesome day perfect. Lisa, also worked with us and played sound bites from differing songs as she introduced the wedding party. We received numerous compliments from all ages represented at the wedding. My next youngest daughter was so impressed, she had the Lisa Rene Band for her wedding a couple of years later and they were as good or better than the first time. My wife and I enjoyed the Band so much we have traveled miles to see them play at different venues! We always were impressed, thoroughly entertained, and noted that the Band had an uncanny ability to appeal to their varying audiences.

The Lisa Rene Band is worth every penny they charge and well worth the additional cost versus even the best of DJs. And believe me, as one of 15 children with over 75 nieces and nephews, I have been to more than my share of weddings !!!

– Vincent J. Heaton – Father of the bride(s)

After much research and listening to several potential bands, my daughter chose the Lisa Rene Band for her wedding. That choice was instrumental (pun intended) in making her wedding the best any of my friends have attended…EVER. Not the priciest or most pretentious. Just the best, in that everyone had the most fun and best time. Lisa was part of that from the opening minutes of the reception when my wife and I entered the room to Lisa playing the song of OUR choosing, til the end of the night when, after playing music for an additional hour, Lisa had to finally announce the event was at an end, and the revelers reluctantly left the dance floor. That floor had been full from start to end, because of the choices of music popular with all ages and enthusiastically well preformed by Lisa and her band. Lisa also acted as emcee throughout the event, constantly keeping the crowd involved and engaged. BUT most meaningful for me (and indicative of how personalized Lisa is willing to make her band’s service), was that she allowed me (a man with no musical talent) to meet with her people in their studio to record the vocal track of me singing “My Girl.” This was a surprise for my daughter for the daddy-daughter dance, at which time the band played the “My Girl” music live and sang back-up, with my recorded voice being played as the main vocal. The band (with some prior “magic” from the recording studio) actually made me sound good. And created a moment that my daughter and I shared and will remember for all of our lives. For that I have Lisa and her band to thank, and I am grateful for all they did to make the whole night magical for my daughter, her husband, and all of their friends and family. No one could have done better.

– mygirlsdad

The Lisa Rene Band made my wedding a blast! Their music is phenomenal and they really know how to keep a party going all night long! They played a variety of music and let us choose our playlist. They even played some of our special Christmas requests for our December wedding! At the end of the night our guests would not leave the dance floor so we kept they kept the show going for an additional hour! Lisa is flexible,reliable and puts a unique show together for each wedding. They are the best and I highly recommend you have them at your wedding!

– mlabell2

The Lisa Rene Band was hands down one of the best decisions we made for our wedding reception. They were phenomenal and FUN! Our wedding was just over a year ago and we’re still getting regular comments from our family & friends about what a fabulous time they had at the reception. Lisa was a pleasure to work with and made us feel so comfortable. She helped with ideas about music that catered to our crowd, order of events, and did a great job MC’ing as well. We recommended them to a friend that just got married a couple weeks ago and they were just as fun the second time around! If you’re on the fence, we promise they will make your reception the funnest party you’ll ever attend 🙂

– MeggieRuns

WE LOVED Having Lisa Rene Band at our wedding! We first saw them at our friends wedding and loved what a live band brought to the party! When it came time to find a band we of course went with them and are so glad we did! Our dance floor was packed the whole night. Lisa makes the pre-planning so easy and goes over all of the hard to pronounce names of people in the wedding party which was a huge relief to me. If you are looking for a great band that will please EVERYONE call Lisa!

– Megan.Adame

The best band for a wedding! Very professional and besides the fact that they rock they really really know how to play a wedding, meaning they understand all the details from the timing of the first dance to getting the parants and grandparents on the floor for it.

– dankoz51

We hired the Lisa Rene Band for daughter’s wedding in May of 2011 and again for our son’s wedding in September of 2012. I cannot say enough great things about this band. Lisa’s voice is amazing and all the members of the band are just so much fun! We had over 250 people at both weddings and the dance floor was packed…I mean packed until the very last song when our guests were chanting “one more song”. They play the absolute best dance tunes and are so easy and professional to work with. Their communication throughout the entire process was fantastic. One of the things that both my daughter and my now daughter-in-law said after beginning to work with Lisa was “Lisa is just as excited about our wedding as we are!” This was important to both of them and made the whole planning process with Lisa that much more fun.

They have a huge selection of music and have the uncanny ability to really “read the crowd” which keeps everyone on the dance floor. At both weddings, I did not leave the dance floor and had an absolute blast.

Don’t hesitate or think twice about hiring the Lisa Rene Band. You will be 100% happy and want to do it all over again.

– pwitt

The Lisa Rene Band played for our wedding at The Hyatt Lodge in Oak Brook. What a terrific playlist they provided!! Everyone, and I mean everyone, danced all night. They were very professional to work with, and I highly recommend them. My husband and I continue to hear them play around the suburbs whenever we can! We love this band!

– Tracypalenik1363

The Lisa Rene band was amazing. Lisa was very friendly and easy to deal with. She made sure that every detail was covered and personalized, and accommodated us by learning a new song when my fiance wanted it as a mother-son dance. The band sounded amazing, and Lisa did a fantastic job as the EMCEE of the night. The dance floor was completely packed from the start of the night until we had to kick everyone out of the room. We have gotten lots of compliments from our guests for choosing such a great band. It definitely helped make the reception spectacular and the band convinced my husband, who had wanted a DJ, that we had made the right choice!

– Newlywed49

There is no doubt that the band at your wedding can make or break the event. Lisa Rene and band made our daughter’s event unique, fun and totally memorable. From start to finish there was non stop excitement and energy on the dance floor and throughout the room. Lisa made it both professional and personal with her amazing M.C.’ing ability and fantastic renditions of a huge variety of music. Many of our friends and family complimented the band both during the event and afterwards, asking for their contact information. We will be using them again in the Fall for our next wedding celebration. This is the band for YOU! Thank you, Lisa and band for contributing to an extraordinarily awesome wedding.

– HappyMomofBride

We hired the Lisa Rene band for our wedding in Sept of 2011. Once confirmed, Lisa immediatly sent me a song list and told me “they would learn any song I wanted if it wasn’t on the list” This gave me alot of confidence that my wedding day would be just as I wanted it. I had a million questions on timing, how it all came together etc. Lisa responded immediatly and answered every one. It was great to not have to worry about any details. The most important thing I wanted to do was a special tribute to my Mom. I suggested the song “Mama’s song” and Lisa promptly learned it. During the wedding we brought my Mom out and Lisa sang the song to her as everyone looked on. It was just beautiful and my favorite memory of the wedding – my mom being honored like that. It was so touching and meant so much that Lisa took the time to personally sing the song instead of just playing it off a cd.

Lisa served as our MC and we had a lot of specific instructions, and it went off without a hitch. The detailed meetings I had with her ahead of time already had me at ease, and as a bride, one less thing to worry about is a GREAT thing.

I was very impressed with the entire band. They are beyond professional, and looked genuinly happy to be there. We had great feedback from our friends and family and I recommed them out to everyone I know without hesitation. They made our wedding reception flawless!!

– StephanieD721

We hired the Lisa Rene Band for our wedding several years ago and they were AMAZING! Lisa was very professional and organized from the start, making sure that she knew exactly what we wanted for our special day. The dance floor was packed all night long…….we even had to extend our time with the reception hall and band because our guests did not want to leave!
Since our wedding, we have been fortunate enough to hire the Lisa Rene Band several more times for corporate events. The experience has been the same each time. Professionally organized, great music, and a full dance floor! We love this band!

– lblaze2

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They're the best!
We could not have been happier with our choice to have the Lisa Rene Band play at our wedding reception. Throughout our wedding planning process, Lisa was incredibly professional and [...]

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